Feliz Cumpleanos Max!

On Tuesday we went to Taco Tuesday... AGAIN!!! YAY!

We showed up earlier this time, but ended up grabbing a table in this side area place (not the cantina). We ate yummy tacos, lots of chips n salsa, and had some drinks. I promised Max that I wouldn't tell the waitress it was his birthday, but soooomeone did! He ended up with a plate of FLAN right in front of him. MUAHAHAHA

Then we walked over to Blue Fin Cafe and Billiards, (685 Cannery Row, Monterey). They have beer pong on Thursdays at 9:00 pm. I don't know why I just mentioned that, seeing as how we were there on TUESDAY! We grabbed one of the 11 pool tables, the guys got a few pints, and we played cut-throat pool.

Lots of positive things to say: 16 draft beers, 2 stage areas, a balcony area, etc etc.... This place looks like it could be pretty fun for a Friday/Saturday night because it is soooooo big! It also offers great views of Cannery Row.
We stayed for around an hour and a half, I won every game. NOT! I need some more practice!
We walked back to the car and drove to Max's apartment. He has a pretty nice place - spacious and tidy! I hope he had a happy birthday, I definitely enjoyed celebrating!

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