Leaving "home" for "home"

Just woke up and had a bowl of cereal. I need to pack up Lukefrancis (broken chain - remember), some clothes, and the tools that I borrowed from my mom. I find it a little funny that I'm going back home so quickly. In my defense, I've got a lot of cool stuff to look forward to this weekend!

1. Avenue Q tonight at the San Jose Rep. Going with Nicole and Lauretta!

2. Steve's (stepbrother) homecoming bbq on Saturday.... he is bringing his overseas girlfriend!
3. Aaron (cousin) will be in town. He is taking the first actuary test. I reeealllly hope he passes it. They are extremely hard and he's been studying a lot, he deserves it!!
At grandma's when we were young : )
4. Hanging out with Megan and her law friends in Palo Alto!
5. Seeing Jan Hagel

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