Mucky Duck - Pub Crawl Part I

After dinner at home, Kyle and I met up with my future kickball teammates at the Mucky Duck (479 Alvarado St, Monterey). As we stepped inside, my eyes were drawn to the fireplace (#1) on the left. Attention: this starts the fireplace trend. We keep walking down the hall and pass by a few tables and a bar and… fireplace #2 (pictured). Tyler mentioned that they were all outside, so we continued past the bathrooms to where the action was.

Picture this: you walk outside to a misty night… but then you see a big white tent with twirling club lights, a fog machine, a good DJ, a happening dance floor, an outdoor bar, and a huge fire pit (#3)! All of this at a place called "The Mucky Duck"?? You betcha.

The inside decor makes the place look like an old English man's mountain cabin. Jolly ho! But the outside… that's a whole different story! We all chatted, exchanged WAKA necklaces, and warmed up near the fire. I tried to convince Kyle to dance with me, and when he declined due to something-or-other, I did what all ex-wannabe-dancers would do… danced by myself! Mere seconds after this began, I was told to leave!

Of course it wasn't because of my expressive dance moves! What are you thinking?! It was because the schedule indicated that it was time to promote kickball at The Brit!

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