Papa Chano's

Since Max couldn't make it yesterday to Battleship, Tyler, Max, and I decided to hang out today. As the day wore on, I managed to unpack all of my boxes of clothes (read: I still have 2 full garment bags in my car - eek!), get through 7 episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season II, and rework all of my closet. Around 7:30 I met up with the boys at Tyler's and we carpooled to downtown Monterey. Before we left, Max gave me a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!! YUMMY!

We ate at Papa Chano's (462 Alvarado Street, Monterey). Max ordered the veggie burrito, Tyler got a meat burrito (don't remember prices - whoops). I got the veggie tostada. I forgot to mention no sour cream, so my tostada was extremely juicy. Best part of the whole experience, other than the company of course, was the salsa bar that had.... CHIPS! Free chips and salsa is the number one way to make me a repeat customer. One of the salsas "tasted like Spaghetti O's sauce", another "tasted like rust," but the third one was delish. Max mentioned that the two not-so-good salsas were having an off day; they aren't always like that.
On my way home I stopped at the 76 station at 1600 Fremont Blvd (Seaside) for some gas. I looked in to see if they had any hazelnut creamer and the attendent was so helpful! He offered to give me some of the creamer he had near his coffee machine. So nice....

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