Clementine's Kitchen

Clementine's Kitchen (465 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Del Rey Oaks) sells kitchen cookware, accessories, and offers cooking classes. I came here a few weeks ago before my Valentine's Day cupcake baking spree. It was fun looking around their store, but I was expecting more baking supplies than I actually saw. Their gear is more on the expensive side, but it's nice knowing I have access to random ingredients that Martha Stewart uses. They also have a wide selection of cheeses and deli meats. Classes are about $45 and last approximately 2 hours.

What I bought: nice wire whisk, spatula, food coloring gels, and a gift for somebody...

The other thing to note is that Clementine's Kitchen is in a really adorable shopping center. It is so lovely to see a developed shopping center. RedBrick Pizza is next door and holy moly their food smelled goooood. They sell fire-roasted gourmet pizzas and offer a multigrain whole wheat acai berry olive oil artisan crust. That's a lot of adjectives. Definitely want to try that out sometime!

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