Crepe Night

At work on Monday I received an email from my roommate Manu. He mentioned that he was planning on making crepes for dinner. CREPES! I came home after work suuuuperrrrrrr excited for the crepes. At about 7 pm Sarah and I went to her friend's house to cut into the fabulous birthday cake she made. (Alternating layers of Funfetti and German Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting all over? Yes please!) When we got back, Manu was already mixing the crepe mixture. After a little complication with the milk being too low in fat content and pasteurized, Manu got the crepe-making under control. (BTW: pasteurized means the milk has undergone a process of partial sterilization and it makes the milk safe for consumption and improves its keeping quality.) We paired our savory crepes with sauteed mushrooms & onions, sliced turkey, and cheese. The sweet crepes had sliced peaches, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. They were so good! Manu said that he plans on making them again, next time using whole milk.

I had a lot of videos on my camera, recorded via Tyler. Here is an excerpt from what I assume is a new blog that is mostly video blog posts?

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