Mi Pueblo comes to Seaside!

According to this article, Seaside is about to see Mi Pueblo pop up at 1720 Fremont Boulevard. At first Mi Pueblo reps were worried about having enough water for their 1,811-square foot deli/taqueria.

Seaside's City Council sees Mi Pueblo as many things: "revenue generation, blight removal, business retention, jobs creation, and central location." Fremont Bvd. seems a lot more central than Rengstorff Ave. in Mountain View, a Mi Pueblo location I frequent often.

Small businesses are crying out though! I never realized that Mi Pueblo is thought of as a Latino "small-business-murdering monopoly akin to Wal-Mart." Shoot, they don't even always have Dr. Pepper in stock!

I'm a fan of Mi Pueblo, I'm glad they are adding a store in Seaside! I'll still probably get everything I need from that heavenly Safeway in Del Rey Oaks, but this is a better alternative to Savemart in my eyes.

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