Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Saturday morning I took Lukefrancis (my bicycle) on an oceanside bike ride. I had roughly an hour and a half to spare :) so I pedaled down General Jim Moore towards Hwy 1. I was a little nervous when I pedaled down a one way street, but my instinct was good and I found the Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Trail.

The trail stretches from Castroville to Pebble Beach. Most of the trail I was on was an actual bike path, but some bits were along a road or behind the stores of Sand City. The views were spectacular, it was sunny out, a cool breeze, lovely riding conditions indeed! The whole trail is about 30 miles long - I rode from Fort Ord to Robert S. Beach, and back. However, I did manage to not-so-gracefully unclip from my right pedal, accidentally lose my balance while still hooked into my left pedal, and fall like a tree to the ground. Now my left shoulder is super sore.

Nicole - bring Maple down here and let's go for a ride on this same trail... All the way to the Cottage of Sweets!

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