Poodle Party (Really?)

OMG mark your calendar. Poodle Day in Carmel is set for October 2, 2010! Your pup won't need to be on a leash, but he/she will need to be either a goldendoodle, labradoodle, mixed poodle, or the straight up real thing.

Event highlights;
- Poodle Parade at Crossroads in Carmel
- Poodle Play at Carmel Beach
- Poodle Cocktail Parties at the Cypress Inn and Forge in the Forest.

This news was just too good to pass up.

Event creators invited NorCal Poodle Rescue, a poodle-saving-and-rehabilitation group that saves more than 100 poodles each year. Founded 25 years ago, they even offer a return policy! Visit their website, super funny pictures, I recommend the "Happy Endings" page ha!

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