Sustainable Seaside gains ground

Sustainable Seaside is a community action group that meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Peace Resource Center (1364 Fremont St, Seaside). The article discusses how Sustainable Seaside promotes the adoption of green building codes. If the local government can embrace these codes, it will help reduce waste, conserve water, and counteract carbon emissions.

Two members of Sustainable Seaside have eagerly incorporated the group's principles. The husband/wife combo keep drought-resistant plants in their yard, use a water-saving drip-irrigation system, and have huge barrels that collect rain water, for use later. Where did they get the 55 gallon barrels? At a food manufacturer in Sand City! (33 barrels = 1815 gallons of water storage) Holy Smokes! Due to the recent downpour, they've got enough water to last through most of the summer.

Sustainable Seaside also focuses on:
  • home & community gardens
  • water access & efficiency (think barrels)
  • safe bike routes through seaside (YESSSSSSS!!!!!)
  • making Fort Ord a recreational area
  • renewable energy efficiency
  • polystyrene food container packaging ban (the stuff does not decompose and negatively effects the environment)
For more information call: (831) 899-7934

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