To Do List and a shout-out

1. Gym
2. Shower
3. Eat yummy crepes!! Manu is cooking tonight :)
4. Catch up on blog posts
5. Catch up on shows I've missed (MIOBI, Greek, Vampire Diaries, etc) - NOT ENOUGH TIME!
6. Clean my room
7. Possibly make cupcakes? Carrot, banana, or oreo? This would require a trip to SAFEWAY!!!! Do I want to drive and spend $$ today?
8. Read!!

Just wanted to quickly congratulate my sister for doing so well last weekend (her solo placed 6th!) at the Homestead dance competition. I'm so proud of her!!! I can't wait until I go see the competition at Monte Vista HS. Any PHS dance team alums want to come with? (I'll check to see what day it is and update later)

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