Kickball Game #2

This time I took notes, as promised!

We played Squatting Otters at 4:30 pm at Robert Downs Elementary School (now the OFFICIAL field for the rest of the season) in Pacific Grove. Our shirts were delivered earlier this week, so Booze on First (my team) adorned the purple WAKA shirts and got ready to rumble! Our opponent wore black shirts, which is the perfect color considering how happy those people are right about now! MUAHAHA...

We started the game infield. Nothing crazy happened, just warmed up a bit. When Squatting Otters caught Tom, Jenny, and Lizzie's outs, we hustled into the outfield, ready to serve up a plate of now-its-your-turn-to-get-out! Before I knew it, the bottom of the second had crept up on us. Tyler managed to dish out the 2nd and 3rd outs in just one play!

The game was still 0-0 heading in to the third inning. I managed to kick a semi-bunt and hustle to first. My teammates followed up with some more amazing kicks that facilitated my run! YaY! Booze on First was now leading 1-0! During the bottom of the 3rd, while we were in the outfield, Olivia made a $$$MONEY$$$ catch and Tom caught one of the many fly outfielding balls. The other team did get 1 run in though, tying up the game.

Top of the 4th, Mike got to first with a powerful low flying kick, Olivia's bunt got him to second, and then Max's kick loaded up the bases! Now imagine the classic scene where a ball flys through the air and two people start to run for it.... bumping into each other, dropping what would have been an easy catch. That's what happened with their pitcher and short stop. HI-LARIOUS. However, we weren't able to get any of our kickers back to home.

Bottom of the 4th was pretty humorous. Tyler, our first base guard, was trying to get one of their runners out, and he hit her in the face with the ball! You can't hit above the face, so the lucky duck got to stay on first. Later, Dave caught a huuuuge outfield kick and threw the ball so forcefully back to home plate. I couldn't believe it! Especially since I can barely throw the ball 5 feet. Sad. Very sad. After that, various people commented about how I was texting. Truth be told I was just taking notes on the game and Dave's impressive catch/throw combo. The new guy kicking took advantage of the fact that I seemed to be a huge space cadet and rammed it way into my side of outfield. While I ran backwards I stepped into a giant mud puddle and that distracted me from getting to the ball faster. When I finally grabbed the rubber ball, I threw it even less than 5 feet. Horribly embarrassing. I need to practice throwing! Needless to say, that was an EPIC FAIL on my part. They were able to get three runs out of it!

Top of the 5th was our time to shorten the 1-4 gap. We had people on 1st & 2nd. Someone kicked the ball towards third base .... it was barely caught by the crazy shortstop lady with a Lara Craft horse braid. BUT, we didn't get an out because horsebraidlady was out of control and caught the ball when it was on the ground. SHE FREAKED OUT. Started yelling and pointing and swearing and muttering and whipping that horsebraid round and round. Lizzie got up to kick, and Tom literally slid to third with her first [foul] kick. When she kicked it fair, Tom again slid into third, angering the shortstop horsebraid girl. This really was NOT her inning. Dave was able to get us our third run of that inning! The game was now tied 4-4!!!

There was no bottom of the 5th because we ran out of field time. Didn't really matter anyways because they had to forfeit the game in the very beginning due to lack of girl players.

Our record is now 2-0! Great start to the season!

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  1. HAHA! I really would have loved to see horsebraid girl in action. Your description is very entertaining.