Bernardus Tasting Room in Carmel Valley

We left Georis' tasting room and headed to the Bernardus one a few blocks away (Yelp). As I mentioned earlier, all of the wine tasting rooms are in walking distance of each other! How very convenient. We walked past a few quaint restaurants that I wouldn't mind trying some day (including a Thai spot). 

In terms of ambience and aesthetics, this place just wasn't that cool. I really wanted to be impressed by it because Bernardus has a great reputation. Unfortunately, the building was an outdated, cinder block monstrosity with zero character.

The room itself was very small. For $5 you got to taste about four different wine types. My mom's boyfriend David and his brother from Arizona met up with us and sampled the various Bernardus wines. I can't give a great description of which wines were better than others, simply because my wine pallete is non-existant. Attention Kali Bills: you need to visit and then I will take notes on what you think, post your shrewd thoughts, and pretend they are my own, of course.

After all this wine we decided it was time to go shopping in downtown Carmel... read about it here.

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