Happy Thursday & a To Do List

Started my walk to work with a coffee mug in hand. Usually I use my red traveller's cup because it has a lid. Wonder if I can make it without spilling?

I always pass by these beautiful flowers. Thought I'd finally snap a picture of them. I believe this is ice plant? I'm only 8% sure though.

Today is the Green Fair at work. I'm really excited about it! Hopefully I can figure out what to do with my old coffee grinds!

To Do:
- Grocery shopping for supplies for Amish Friendship Bread (someone remind me why I have enough to make 6 loaves??) and Dad's 50th birthday dessert surprise
- Gym/shower (LV countdown EIGHT days!!)
- Blog posts! Casa de Fruta, Anaheim, Manu's birthday dinner/dessert, more SD, turkey spottings.... Sorry I've been slacking!
- Post FB pics, I just loathe tagging
- Finish unpacking just to repack for this weekend (SJ)

ps. I made it all the way to work, up the stairs, into the building and then spilled my coffee right in front of the elevator. I was so close!

Location:Seaside, CA

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