Lizzaran (Gilroy)

Me and my boyfriend.

For our two year annie, Kyle and I decided to meet for dinner at Lizzaran (7400 Monterey St, Gilroy), a Spanish/Tapas restaurant. (Yelp.) We sat outside on their huge patio, under a sizzling heat lamp. Our waiter was so awesome, he was friendly, cranked up the heat on the lamp immediately, and gave us an honest account of what to expect of each dish we had questions on.

First we had a few pintxos, which are tapas served on toothpicks. You get charged for the number of toothpicks leftover on your plate. We grabbed three of the cold tapas (you can find them in a glass enclosure at the bar): a stuffed red pepper, a salmony cheese one, and then.... f. I can't remember. I brought my camera, but left the battery at my house in Seaside. Sorry, no original pictures! All three of the pintxos were really good, they also have a selection of warm pintxos which can be ordered via your waiter and will be brought out to your table so you can pick and choose.

This picture was from Yelp, most of the cold pintxos look like these.

Next we ordered our main entrees. View their menu here. We tried the Salmon Papillote, a plate with salmon and fresh vegetables baked in foil, and the Paella Mixta, a giant shallow bowl full of saffron rice, chicken, seafood, assorted shellfish, and vegetables. The paella, which is a typical Valencian rice dish, originated in a lagoon in Valencia off the east coast of Spain. I found out that Lizzaran has about 90% of their locations in Europe, with only two in California. One is in Gilroy and the other is in Fullerton (310 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton). Kerry/Fran/Jacquelyn please go to the one in Fullerton!! It was sooooooo good! I recommend it highly. There are so many menu options, I definitely will go back the next time I need a place to eat in Gilroy. THIS. IS. A. GEM. = YOU. SHOULD. GO.

It's located in the old Gilroy Town Hall building and the inside is both modern and old-school, if that makes sense. Kind of reminds me of a place Chuck Bass would visit and/or create. Beautiful building, tasty food, great company! I also ordered a glass of their Sangria! It was delicious! Filled with fruit chunks that I ate as a dessert when my glass was empty.

Their hours:
Mon - Thurs, Sun 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Fri - Sat 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

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