Mission Beach, San Diego

This morning I woke up in beautiful San Diego. Kali and I (unknowingly) donned matching outfits and set out on our walk along the beach.

Kali lives within walking distance of the walkway spanning from Mission Beach and PB.

I was craving coffee, naturally. We stopped at an acai berry smoothie/granola place in an area called the Promenade. Just like Mary Kate and Ashley, we ordered matching acai bowls. The Rasta: blended acai, granola, bananas, strawberries, and honey. Kali (MK) got hers without granola for cleanse reasons.

Absolutely delicious! We chomped down on these while sitting on a stoop overlooking the ocean. Then Amy walked up and we walked with her to grab food at The Cantina. She ordered an artichoke scramble...

I'm excited to see how these next few hours will go as I surprise Kerry for her 23rd birthday!

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  1. "I was craving coffee, naturally."

    we are definitely related :))