Spiciest Thing I've Ever Made

Personal challenge: At least one blog post every night this week (minus Friday). I know I've been a little distracted lately with Boo Radley's Cupcakes, and I apologize for that. I'm going to try my best to sift through all of the pictures I made sure to take for 32 Above and get them up on here. I REALLY want to share with you guys what I've been up to so I hope you enjoy reading :)

On the right is a photo I took four nights before my most recent Vegas trip. I had some almost rotten collard greens that I really needed to use. They were smelly. And drippy - dripping slimy vegetable ooze. But I used them anyways. I mixed in some chipotle adobe sauce. Thing was, I used them straight from the can aka all of the seeds were mixed in.

I can handle HOT. ...Like, really extremely HOT.

I could NOT handle this though. My nose was dripping it's own ooze at an uncanny rate. My tongue sweat was sweating. Visualize it. I mixed in a little bit of finely chopped carrots with cilantro and lime sauce (previous leftovers) to quell the heat. That didn't help! What else is a girl to do? How about turn it into the craziest salsa-spread known to man?

I pureed the leftovers and grabbed a pudding cup from the fridge to tame my taste buds. Pudding solves a lot of the world's problems. I brought the carrot-collard-green-chipotle-adobe salsa-spread to Taco Tuesday the following night and Tyler and Max dipped their chips in it. Who knows if it is/was safe, but I ended up using the remaining stuff on everything from lean pockets to veggie medley's to raisin bran -er- nevermind...

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