So Patriotic! Memorial Day and 4th of July info

Monterey's Fourth Of July Parade Canceled: "Budget problems in Monterey may have forced the cancellation of the annual Fourth of July parade, but that's not stopping some from fighting to bring the big celebration back." - From KSBW.com

My plans for the Fourth of July include camping in Big Sur with Jan Hagel and his friends. However, if you are going to be in the Monterey area and you were looking forward to the annual Fourth of July parade downtown, I'm about to crush your hopes and dreams big time.

A rep from the Monterey Recreation and Community Department (I'm picturing Amy Poehler in my head - are you?) said that the city's 20% budget reduction in anything recreation is really limiting what her department can schedule. Sadly, they have cancelled this year's parade. No one wanted the cancelation, but by scrapping it they were able to save a few year-round community programs.

Dry your tears, readers! The Fourth of July lawn party is still happening! With a price tag of $60,000, city leaders decided it was best to host the day-long lawn party vs. the 1-hour parade (which would have also cost about $60K).

Bring your lawn chairs, family, and friends to Colton Hall between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on July 4th to celebrate! If you are still in the parade mood, pop over to Seaside for their Parade of Champions.

In other patriotic news, I'll be driving down to San Luis Obispo for Memorial Day weekend. I cannot wait to go to Firestone's and get fro yo from Bali's or Yogurt Creations (can't decide which to support! help me pick?), spend some time with lovely AOIIs, enjoy the weather, hit up The Shack on Sunday with Jan Hagel and friends....

All this after Nicole's HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!! Can you believe it?? Waterproof mascara is a must because I'm just so proud of her I know that I'll be balling as she gets her diploma. Not only does she have amazing grades, she has such a strong head on her shoulders, is very mature, is a beautiful dancer, is caring and loving and kind, and she puts up with me!

What are your weekend plans?

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