Dutch Processed, finally!

Check out my 6 pound tub of dutch processed cocoa powder. I've been pining after this stuff since the baking bug bit me back in February. I tried to convince my mom to bring me back some legitimate dutch cocoa from her trip to Amsterdam. When she returned empty handed I decided to just go ahead and purchase some from cocoasphere.com - their prices are amazingly low. I made a nifty Excel spreadsheet and, after factoring in taxes and shipping, they sell it at the lowest cost per ounce. (Me <- geek). I didn't want to order a 20 lb. tub, so I went with the cheapest under 7 lb option... Guittard. I believe it is manufactured here in California. Dutch processed cocoa has 22 - 26 % cocoa butter (or something - I'm too lazy to Wikipedia right now, I feel like rambling without fact checking) whereas the American "natural" version has around 12%. That's a sizeable difference and I can already tell how much of a difference it has made in the various chocolate desserts I've made! One day I'll order Valrhona... one day.

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