The Case of the North Beach Hotdog

I just found pictures stashed away on my phone of a place Megan, Paul, Kali and I stopped at for fourth meal this past Friday night. (ps Kali has a blog and posted a fantastic review of her SF weekend! Check it out here! It's nice and sassy :)

Anywho... I vaguely recall getting food that night. Let's work backwards to figure out what happened!

Here's the picture found on my phone:

Saturday morning Megan told me the dog was covered in perhaps marinara and onions - looks about right. She also said it was called the North Beach Hotdog. Time to Yelp search. The only late night hotdog spot in North Beach with Yelp pictures that match the one I snapped on my phone (below) is The Dogfather (532 Green Street, San Francisco). UrbanDaddy describes it as a "low-key sausage joint—or salsicceria, if you're Italian—meant to satisfy your gourmet, quick-bite fix."

Okay mystery 1 is solved! I must have had the The North Beach "Our mild Italian sausage, with peppers, onions, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese" ($6) - Nice memory Megan! Let's continue backwards... Megan also let me know that before the hotdog stop, we went to a place called Savoy. I've got a couple of pictures on my camera of us in a spot with red lighting... This must have been Savoy Tivoli (1434 Grant Street, San Francisco). On Yelp the settings seem to match up! Wahoo!

Mystery 2 solved! Prior to that our group got some drinks, courtesy of Kali, from the upstairs room at a Thai restaurant named King of Thai Noodle. One Yelper perfectly sums up the perks of this place - "The best happy hour everyday till 12:30AM.. $2 beer $6 cocktail drinks and $5 entree.. Unbeatable.. My favorite place to hang out.. They have free popcorns and peanuts and nice wide screen tv.."  YEAH. AWESOME.

Rewind even further to when we all met up. This part is not hazy! Megan, Kali, Paul, Kelley, her friend who knows Lauren Sweeneeeyyyy, Joe, his roommate, and myself met up at Paul's apartment.

We drank a bit, ate some of Megan's homemade cookies, indulged in some of my cupcakes, the usual. It was so-awe-some seeing everyone and getting the opportunity to go out and get a little irresponsible. Plus, I'm sure that hotdog tasted damn good.


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