Eclipse Premiere

On Tuesday June 29th, Maren and I went to one of the coolest things ever. So you know how in the old days people would go to the movie theaters and get dinner served to them at their seat and then watch the feature film … okay, my mom just informed me that didn’t actually happen. A part of me doesn’t believe her.

My point is that going to watch a movie used to be so much more of an ordeal. Now you just flash your debit card, grab a seat, and then two hours later you leave with your pockets $10 lighter. BLAH!

I’m not the biggest fan of actually going to the movie theater. Yes, I go to watch the Harry Potter movies, anything with Miley Cyrus in it, or to see Dennis Quaid. Other than that I usually just wait until I cross paths with this or that flick. Superbad, I Love You Man, Bourne Identity VII – I’ll see them sooner or later!

When Twilight came out everyone went GaGa over it. I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t get all hyped about it. Then when I was on my graduation cruise (with the lovely Katie, Kerry, Krizia, and Franimal) they were looping it on one of the channels. I caught bits and pieces of it. A part of me wondered why the movie seemed to be only shot in green, foggy, settings. …Twilight. Oh. Gotcha.

I had about six months between graduation and my job – so I read a bit more than usual (which is barely anything, sadly). I read Twilight and then watched the movie in our family room. I liked it. And for the record, I vote Edward.

Then I read New Moon and watched that movie when it came out in theaters. I thought it was better than the first one – I liked how the love triangle was developing. I’ve always found love triangles fascinating. Super scandalous.

A week before the Eclipse premiere, I got a delightful text from Maren:

She called me and told me about an amazing event hosted by Bahama Grille.

Needless to say, I was stoked!

June 29th rolled around and I drove across town to Salinas (not far if you go the back way through CSUMB/Marina btw). Maren and I found parking on one of the side streets in downtown Salinas, close to Maya Cinemas.

The lines that wrapped around the block were intense! It was barely past 9pm and these folks still had a couple of hours of being outside in the gusty wind. Meanwhile, we walked straight into the theater and got to enjoy yummy food, desserts, and spa treatments haha….

They had an assortment of food from Bahama Grille, including delicious beef skewers, spring rolls, pork sliders, veggie sandwiches, cinnamon sugar pita chips, and shrimp skewers.


For dessert, one of three cupcakes were featured by local baker Fluff cupcakes.

Team Bella: Vanilla with vanilla buttercream
Team Edward: Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Team Jacob: Chocolate with dulce de leche frosting

They also had chocolate covered strawberries. DELICIOUS.

This was such an awesome event – for only $18 you could avoid the line and cold weather, get some food before the show, and cross your fingers to win one of the 50 or so things they raffled off!

Maren and I got tinsel put into our hair. Hair Flare or Hair Bling – which do you prefer?

They were also giving out massages! I almost fell asleep during mine; it felt so nice after a long day at work!

The ladies from g’Syl Hair Salon and Aquablue Skin & Body Spa (229 Main Street, Salinas) put so much effort into organizing this event. One of their fellow salon mates, Frankie, helped emcee the event with Sybil, a radio host from 101.7 The Beach.

Makeup ladies applied sparkles and glitter to everyone who wanted to glisten like a vampire in sunlight. When they opened the doors to the theater, the emcees set up music and continued raffling off items and gave out candy.

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  1. WOW your pictures are sooooo good! Guess what... the same thing is happenign for the premere of Harry Potter!!! Are We Going? The answer better be yes! I have tons to tell you about it. I mentioned you here in my blog: http://www.simplymaren.com/index.php/2010/07/onos-without-the-on-in-the-os/