Happy Birthday Gramps

Today is Kyle's birthday; he's a grandpa. Silver hairs have sprouted from his scalp. His lack of upper body mobility has resulted in an atrophied left bicep.

...But at least we get to celebrate!

Tonight we went to Mantra (632 Emerson St, Palo Alto) for dinner. It's a nice Indian restaurant in downtown Palo Alto a few streets off Castro. We ordered the hummus and naan to start - the naan was delicious, fresh, and warm. For our main plates we shared a scallop & shrimp risotto and a slow roasted lamb dish that had noodles, tomatoes, cucumbers, and artichokes.

The food was yummy and so was the birthday dessert they brought out. It was ... I forget. I'll try and remember/fact check soon. As we walked back to Kyle's house, we stopped at Patxi's and said hi to Jeremy. After finishing two Hoegaardens, we continued our walk and got ready to go to his indoor soccer game.

Before the game we went to a sports bar, met up with Kit, and watched some FIFA highlights. The game was close but... Kyle's team (green) won!

YouTube Video

Happy Birthday Doze!

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