Mills-Monterey! Day 1

Kerry Mills came to visit me the last weekend of June and we had such a blast! I LOVE KERRRRRRYYYY!!! (She has a blog too! 100 Things to do in the OC) She flew up here from San Diego on Allegiant Air. They have the best Monterey/SD flight deals but because of low interest, they are getting rid of them July 31st. SO DUMB.

Anyways, Kerry arrived Friday night around 7. We got in the car and quickly stopped at my house to pick up Tyler, Max, and Dave. Then the five of us road-tripped up to Santa Cruz to spend some time at the Boardwalk. 

A few people from the Bay Area (old kickball teammates and Megan & Paul) met up with us and we listened to the Blue Oyster Cult perform. Can't remember their hit song, but it was nice sitting on the beach. Every Friday a band plays two sets at the Boardwalk. Place gets packed. No joke.

The hungry bug bit us and we went to find food using my coupon book. We settled on buy one get one free corn dogs. Believe it or not, this was my first corn dog experience. It was delicious!! Corn dogs remind me of a mix between hot dogs and doughnuts, not hot dogs and corn bread. 

We rode the iconic Big Dipper next. It is such a classic! 

Then we rode the Fireball... It was getting pretty late and we were supposed to go to this bar in downtown Santa Cruz called The Red Room.

However, Megan and Paul (-->) told us about a place (<--) called Marianne's Ice Cream (1020 Ocean St, Santa Cruz) where they serve up crazy delicious flavors like Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough and Heaven (vanilla ice cream with brownie bits, peanut butter and fudge) and Mud Pie and Horchata and Lavender and Pumpkin and Orangesicle.... over 40 flavors that they make themselves.

We got lucky finding parking because we got there pretty late (open til midnight Friday and Saturday) - I'm definitely making that a staple Santa Cruz stop! If you are reading this and want to hang out in Santa Cruz anytime soon please invite me and we'll go here together!

So by now it was practically 11:30 maybe and we finally got to the Red Room. Kerry, the lovely lady she is, bought me a PBR and one for herself. PBR Love. The Rrrred Rrrrroom was a rrrrreally cool spot! Obv. they had red lights and it was very old school with mahogany, rich carpets, lots of plush velvet seating and what not. Most of the San Jose people left and we went downstairs to the "other" red room type place. They allowed smoking in there. Weird. Not a fan of indoor smoking! After a wee little bit we drove back to Monterey and crawled in bed. Saturday was going to be a busy day!

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  1. Wow, corn dogs, ice cream and PBR...you guys hit up almost all my favorite bad-for-you-but-delicious food/drinks in one day. Jealous.