Mountain biking is dangerous

Where: Fort Ord Public Lands
When: Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Distance: 13 miles
Pro-biker who participated in the race: my Aunt Cori!

There she is, waving!
MTV girl aka Emily
Off they go!
My mom, sister, and I went to cheer on Cori last Saturday. If I were to list top 5 most dangerous sports I would definitely include mountain biking as one of them. Loose gravel, steep slopes, downward chutes - sounds like a recipe for disaster. There are some badass chicks out there who can conquer all that ISH and my aunt is definitely one of them! She finished the 13 mile figure eight loop around the hot HOT hot Fort Ord trails in 1:26:35. Such a great time!

After watching the cyclists take off, we tried driving the "back way" to Highway 68. Bad idea. My mom's hybrid Toyota was almost halfway through the craziest dirt trails before she insisted we turn all the way around. And by "insisted" I actually mean screamed/threatened/scared me. FOR the record, Google Maps told us that the "roads" were car accesible. Um, yeah Google, if my car was actually a HORSE. Even then....

Upside: We crossed paths with the bikers.
Go Cori!

MTV crews were there shooting the final scenes for an upcoming episode of Made. A girl named Emily Highland was turned into a "mountain biker" I guess. Here they are filming her employer, a bike shop owner. We heard him say "she's definitely not NOT girly" - two thumbs up for double negatives!

This is right after a quick turn/downhill bit.
She's handling it like a pro.

Despite the heat and jeans, Nicole, my mom, and I hiked up a nearby hill. It was at that moment I was not NOT glad I decided to wear sandals. It gave us a great view:

Click it.
Cheesy - glad she's smiling though!
Photo Op!
Looks like tears - one of her eyes would not stop watering all day!

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