Mission NOT Orchard

I just met with Fran and Krizia for lunch in Fremont. Today was one of those magical days when everything just sort of worked out. Fran was up in Tracy for a wedding and she had time to meet the both of us for lunch.

Designated meeting location in between Tracy and Morgan Hill? Mission Coffee, 151 Washington Blvd, Fremont.

While waiting for Krish, we ordered chai lattes - Fran's had mocha. We chatted and caught up for a bit ... I love my old Cal Poly roomies so much! I miss being 100% caught up with their lives...

We also learned about the history of this couch. It was donated to the coffee shop by the president of San Francisco's USO office. It dates back to the 60s!

Menu board.

The crowd.

Freakin amazing looking cookie.

When Krish arrived, we walked around the corner to ...

The Cheese Taster delicatessen! (43367 Mission Blvd, Fremont) Don't you think there is something awesome about a deli that uses the -catessen ending? Maybe it's just me...? Anyways, the lovely lady behind the counter, Judy, took our orders. After we finished the yummy sandwiches, we decided it was time for pictures!

Fran took them with her real camera... I need a new real camera. Mine is falling A-P-A-R-T. No joke. Krish told us how she is planning to get a new digital... I digress.

We went to the Mission of San Jose and set the camera on a timer. Timer pics always turn out pretty interesting :)

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I'll be seeing Krish in a few hours at our 5 year high school reunion and I'll hopefully see Fran sometime Labor Day weekend!

Location:Washington Blvd,Fremont,United States

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