Shrimp burrito please

Nicole visited me tonight in Monterey! She leaves in a little over a week :( so sad! We watched Make It Or Break It (one of my favorite shows ever) as I cleaned my room. I had sososo much stuff to put away after the crazy weekend of baking up in San Jose.

Right after MIOBI was over, we went to Papa Chevo's taqueria in Marina. We called Lalla's but they close at 10 and then we called Isidro's but they were closing at 10. Seriously where are the Monterey late night eateries? Any suggestions?

Well don't fret, Papa Chevo's was open at 10 and they said they weren't closing til midnight! ¡Aye carumba! We went through their [convenient-at-10pm-in-cold-weathered-Marina] drive thru, marveled at their picture menu, and both ordered the shrimp burrito with rice and beans, yum!

They have tasty salsa!

Goodnight, gonna go checkout groupon and then fall asleep. I have a car appointment in the morning! Bleh... Bad bumper.

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