No Garlic Ice Cream

What's that sign say? Garlic Ice Cream??

Sadly those are not my hands (eek! man hands attack!) ... and no they are not Kyle's hands. Those babies belong to a stranger. A stranger holding the mystical garlic ice cream. To make it better (or more strange?) the ice cream is served in half a cantaloupe. We went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival and I was so excited to try the garlic ice cream but that never happened. Here is why:

We got to the fairgrounds and did a loop around to check everything out.
We stopped and spun the prize wheel. No cool winnings.
We stopped to check out these giant chickens. They were really well trained.
We walked into this demo area and someone tossed us some free garlic!
They told us how to make their prize-winning scampi sauce.
He was afraid of the giant chickens from earlier.
We continued to walk ... SO MANY PEOPLE! And lots of food options...
For example, these enchanted escargot.
If you are a real badass you could just eat the garlic like an apple.
Then we found one of the 2 stages and listened to a lady rock out. SERIOUSLY she was a rocker. 
Okay. HUNGRY now! All the food was locally grown. 
MMM... this sounds delicious.
And it was! It was overflowing with green and red peppers, onions, garlic of course...
Ultimately this was the reason why I did not have the garlic ice cream...
Can you blame me? Nicole knows about my love for anything related to frozen yogurt. I'm not going to say I would always choose froyo over ice cream, but today froyo won! Kyle and I also had the garlic fries (in fact it was the first thing we ate!)

General thoughts about the Gilroy Garlic Festival:
- tons of people! 
- repetitive food stalls (all of them had garlic for some reason ...jk)
- art sampling (diverse but nothing that sticks out as WOOOAHHHH)
- pickled garlic: I liked it while Kyle thought it was detestable. If you ever decide to try it, make sure you are a fan of brine preservation.
- Dunkin Donuts spin wheel is rigged so no one can win
- giant chicken Halloween costume might not be a bad idea
- garlic fries are awesome, if only Jan Hagel would have let me try the one with crab (I don't care if it's fake crab!)
- there really isn't a whole lot to do - eat, walk, eat, sit, eat ... eat eat eat!

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