Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle

Yesterday, October 6th, was Sarah's birthday. Because I was flying from SJ to Boston later that night, we decided to go to breakfast together.

After a Yelp search we settled on Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle (LLGM). This quaint little place is located on the calm, less-traveled, Municipal Wharf.

There are 4 booths inside, 4 tables outside, an a handful of bar stools. Each table has a unique set of salt n pepper shakers. Take a long look around this place and you'll notice a lot of unique items... "don't be humble"...

We were handed the breakfast menu (they will not serve you lunch until 11:30 I think). Too many interesting choices! One thing you'll notice is the heading "crazy waitresses" on the menu. Um, understatement!

Our waitress definitely made this an abnormal breakfast experience. She sat down next to us and took our order, offering up some great additions. When she heard it was Sarah's 22nd, she offered a celebratory mimosa. They were out of OJ so she brought out this glass of Chardonnay. Props for improvising.

She also brought out these two desserts, which were originally going to be gifts for one of the cooks' sweetheart. (She never showed up to breakfast, as promised.)

I liked their exposed kitchen.... We were able to interact with the cooks - they've got a good sense of humor. Plus, they made us a freaking amazing breakfast spread:

Sarah's seafood omelet with a side of their acclaimed breakfast potatoes.

My roomates! :)

My order: oatmeal brûlée style. WOW oh WOW. Okay, it's settled. I reeeeally need a kitchen blowtorch!

My other order: 1 crab cake. Definitely tasty.... Mik ordered the crab cake and eggs which came with toast... Kinda.

We had these farm and grain silo salt n pepper shakers. Hey mom, remember how we used to collect salt n pepper shakers? Why did we stop doing that? (Oh wait, you don't read this....)

Me and the birthday girl! ps: I really liked LLGM and I definitely recommend the oatmeal brûlée style!

View from the wharf, such a nice day out! ...then I went back to work for the day.

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