Aunt Connie's New Year's Wedding

My mom, sister, and I flew to St. Louis last week for my Aunt Connie's wedding in St. Louis. The whole ceremony was beautiful and it was great to be back with family. My last midwest trip was over 1.5 years ago. 

Mia & Sam were the adorable flower girls. So cuuuuute.

New Year's Eve we had the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then Nicole and I convinced our cousin Jordan to take us to Walgreens to get ice cream.  We spent the hours leading up to the countdown chowin down on yummy desserts and spinach and artichoke dip haha. Classico.

This is one of my favorite pictures - great bouquet action going on.

The family, most of it.... no, some of it. We are a big family!

Gotta get a picture of dessert, of course. Wonder what flavor is inside...

Snapped this shot while my mom and I set up some of the candy jars near the card/present table. All of their decorations made me think of Sleeping Beauty's castle at Christmas time. Does that make sense? It wasn't Cinderella castle-like. More medieval? 

Nicole, you might not like this picture, but I do. 

Dinner was delicious. But I most enjoyed the cake and ice cream! Plain ol' chocolate was a nice change from the "gin + tonic w/ a splash of sprite"'s I was downing.

I wanted to put up a picture of me and my momma and I liked this one the most. Left to right, Aaron's girlfriend, his mom, me, and my mom. At this point I believe I was running on and off the dance floor, a bit in Lauren La La Land aka Trouble Time (La^4 = Tr*Ti). I about had it when someone from the other side of the family rammed their spiky heel into my little toe. Apparently I cried? Nah. I'm sure I held it together and my family is just exaggerating.

This little tyke lasted longer than I did that night. Her and her sis ran up and down the halls, meanwhile I was in a deep dreamy sleep. It really was a great reception - the DJ was perfect. 

It made me beyond excited for the August wedding of my cousin Krista and her fiancee Adam!!! Oh gosh I cannot wait!! 

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  1. aww the little kids are so cute. He's quite the stud already with 2 girlfriends ;)