Meet My Bicycle

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to get a road bike. When passing by a bicyclist, my heart skips a beat and I tear up. Okay - so maybe I'm exaggerating a liiiiittle bit. I want a bike that I can take everywhere. I want to join a bicycling club down in Monterey and ride Saturday and Sunday mornings with people who know what they are doing! I also want to give Beatrice (my car) a break, and ride a bike to work. I have heard of some people who make New Year's Resolutions to ride EVERYWHERE. I don't know if I am that ambitious. Maybe I could pull off biking 4 of 5 days a week? Or maybe have five freebies a month to drive?
Monterey, PG, & Seaside (8.4, 2.9, 8.8 square miles, respectively) are my new backyard, and there is no better way to check it all out than on bicycle. I am currently reading David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries and he points out the fact that when you limit yourself to a car, you are at the mercy of urban planners. They build major roads and highways on the edge of town, forcing drivers to stay on the fringe. With my bike I want to discover cute new places to eat (and drink)... So Green!

Model Home

After consulting craigslist, I found two amazing roommates. Sarah found a place close to CSUMB - and it's close to work! Sarah, Manu and I went to check out a typical model home. I think that it will be perfect for the three of us!

Each duplex is completely rectangular and indistinguishable. However, you can paint the insides!

The kitchen is another rectangle! Nothing like the open kitchen we had in MO8. Both roommates enjoy cooking :)

Living room, with a large window (shown) and sliding doors out onto the grass. We may get a fence.

This will house the old MO8 dining table. I really want to paint the old table black. That would mean hours of sanding down the old one.... and that just sounds.... tiring.

The house has three bedrooms, each with a CLOSET!! There's also a huge storage space thats about 3x the size of a normal pantry. A double bed could fit in it!


Names Names Names

32 Above - I had to fudge it a little bit.

But let me back up...

On December 1st I was offered a job working in Seaside, CA. I am extremely excited to move into a new place, explore the beautiful towns and beaches surrounding Monterey Bay, and begin a job doing something I am passionate about.

Seaside is 33 ft above sea level, but 33Above was already taken. Ta Da! 32Above!