17th Street Grille

Before going on our bike ride we grabbed a "quick" lunch at 17th Street Grille (617 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove). Kyle and I split the Italian Pesto Wrap (a spinach tortilla with black beans, brown rice, corn salsa, artichoke hearts, fresh tomatoes, pesto sauce & grilled chicken) for $8.99.

While waiting for our food, we grabbed a table outside on their patio. Another outdoor fire pit (#4)! This place was definitely dog friendly, there were about 6 different dogs huddled around their owners. There were also a lot of babies. In a tense moment, one started choking and was practically given the heimlich!

The huge group sitting across from us at the fire pit got their food. The little boy got a cheeseburger and his face was priceless, I HAD to take a picture!

Finally our wrap came (it definitely took a while). I thought it was about average. A different table had ordered a quesadilla - and it looked YUMMY! Next time... next time. I enjoyed sitting outside near the fire pit, and the rest of the menu looked appetizing. So that means I will be back for more!

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