Just walking around...

We woke up, ate a yummy breakfast that my roomie made (waffles, fried bananas, breakfast potatoes & ketchup) and then set out on a walk! I showed Kyle where I work and then we tried to locate a trail to walk on behind my building. After roaming around like safari people, we found a dirt trail. (It only took 12 seconds, so we weren't wandering for long.) Fast forward 5 minutes and we were already walking back. We wanted to get going down to Monterey/Pacific Grove and start our bike ride!

While walking back to the duplex, we saw this DOG/HORSE thing. It started barking like crazy and I thought to myself "hold up. I've heard that bark before!" It ended up being the mysterious-neighbor-dog that I always hear, but I've never actually seen it! The guy was H - U - G - E! He put his paws on the top of the tall fence and could peer over! Ridiculous!

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