Sunday - Moving Day

On Sunday I moved to Seaside. All of my stuff was crammed into my dad's giant van/truck, my mom's lexus, and my sedan. I'm still in the process of unpacking. As of today (Wednesday) I pretty much only have 2 bins of clothes to put away. I'll post pictures of my room when it's finished. The theme is grown-up little mermaid with ocean blues and silvers. I love it!

After we unloaded everything and my dad set up my bed/kitchen table/headboard/other stuff, we got food at Monterey Cookhouse and then got ice cream (double scoops!!) at Baskin Robbins. Nicole and my mom left and I unpacked/hung stuff up. Then I crawled into bed.

It was only 7:15.

After a motivating text from my friend Max, I got out of bed and changed out of my pj's. Tyler and Max came over and we chatted about nothing in particular. So much fun!

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