Monday - First day in Seaside

After sleeping in, I got out of bed and unpacked some more. To explore the area, I hopped on my bike (Lukefrancis). I biked down to Sand City, hoping that I could get some free wifi at Borders on my ipod. Luckily there was an OSH in the same shopping center, so I walked Lukefrancis right into OSH and got a bike lock. I rode over to Borders and locked him up and then went inside. Read the new Cosmo, had some coffee, no luck with the ipod/wifi. As I rode home on General Jim, my bike chain BROKE! :( SAD SAD SAD. So I walked the rest of the way home (coasted down hills when I could).

Bike Route (I think the directions are backwards though)

I got home, went grocery shopping (at Savemart - didn't think they had spectacular deals though), and then got ready to go with my roommates to Sarah's work bash held at El Mariachi Restaurant (711 Cannery Row, Monterey). She doesn't work there, but her work rented out the spot, had a DJ, catered Italian food, and drink specials. She works with a bunch of fun, young people. What a great way to end my first day living in Seaside! There was even a theme! I'm a sucker for theme parties.... this one was Mafia night. Loved it. Oh, and they had Widmer Hefeweizen on tap! YUMMMM

Bar area at El Mariachi

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