Tommy's! Shopping!

Yesterday I went shopping with my roommate. Fun but very tiring!

1. Walmart (Marina)
2. Michaels (Seaside)
3. Bed Bath & Beyond (Seaside)
4. Target (Seaside)
5. Home Depot (Sand City)

Our place is looking amazing though! I need some visitors!

Before we started our shopping adventure, we grabbed a late breakfast at Tommy's (204 Cypress Ave, Marina). Follow the link to the Yelp reviews and you'll see other reasons why Tommy's is a total winner.

We both ordered the Tommy's Special for $2.95. For under $3 bucks we got 2 eggs, hash browns, 3 pancakes and a choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. As seen in the picture, you could even get 2 eggs, hash browns, and toast for $0.99! Sarah recommended the bacon, and I'm a bacon girl anyways. It was good!!! My favorite part was the pancakes. Everything came out to us so fast too! It is a family run business, a hole in the wall, and absolutely amazing!

The unbelievable menu!
Next time I'm ordering the French Toast for $1.99!

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