Cottage of Sweets

How perfectly February of me to post about my favorite candy shop. In the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! A few years ago my mom, sister, and I were visiting Carmel's Ocean Avenue. We stopped in the Cottage of Sweets (Ocean Ave between Monte Verde and Lincoln, Carmel). This place is amazing.

First of all, it looks like the cottage from Hansel & Gretel. It belongs in a scary kid-eating fairytale for goodness' sake. (BTW - German fairy tales are weird.) You walk in and see jars of candy, shelves of fudge, and canisters of different sized jawbreakers.
During my first visit to the Cottage of Sweets I bought some chocolate covered raisins and sour belts. Then my aunt Marilyn and uncle Rem came to visit (maybe 4 years ago). Marilyn showed me the way! She bought an assortment of their truffles and some fudge. Their fudge is homemade and so yummy! I must admit that I have not ordered it since that fateful day. I have, however, ordered [at least one] peanut butter truffle since then!

Let me say that again: PEA-NUT-BUT-TER-TRUF-FLE.

They use the most amazing peanut butter!

Three Cottage of Sweets trips ago, my mom, sister, and I were once again roaming Ocean Avenue. We walked in and to my dismay there were no more square-shaped peanut butter truffles! CRY. CRY. SOBBBB. All of their truffles are now a domed-pyramid-like shape. Alas! They have a smaller version of the old PB truffle, it's called a Peanut Butter square. It's cute (still too small though).
Kyle bought me two PB squares and a few sour belts. As I enjoyed my candy (LOVE CANDY), we walked down to the beach and watched the surfers and dog owners....

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  1. my FAVORITE place ever!!!! chocolate covered gummi bears....yum!