Dance Team...

Presentation Dance Team Alums (if you are reading this - hi!)
Join me supporting my little sister (and her teammates)... she is competing at Monta Vista High School on February 13th.

Here are the relevant times:

Nicole's solo - 9:10 Side A
Officers - 11:05 Side A
Lyrical - 11:50 Side B
Small - 12:35 Side A
Intermediate - 1:35 Side A
Hip Hop - 2:20 Side B
Character - 3:05 Side A

Top 10 Solos starts at 3:30 pm. Drill down & Evening awards is at 4:15 pm.

Let me know if you are interested! Their character is SO CUTE! It's Pinocchio! Remember when I wanted to do Chim Chimmeny?? And nobody would listen to me? But that was okay because we got to do Harry Potter instead and we became famous amongst the most die-hard Harry Potter internet fans.

Roomate Jordan, 2007: "Lauren, are you in a Harry Potter dance?"
Me: "Why yes I am"
Jordan: "Because someone just showed me the dance on youtube and at the end I could have sworn it was you."
Me: SIIIIGHHH... The glory days!!!

Good times:

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