Grocery Outlet and .... a surprise!

After work I went to the Grocery Outlet (215 Reservation Road, Marina) to assess how good their deals are. They buy brand name products directly from manufacturers when there is surplus inventory or manufacturing overruns. Example from their website: cereal company had boxes with Shrek on it. Then Shrek went to DVD. Don't need those Shrek boxes in stores. Fill em up anyways and give them to Grocery Outlet (at a fraction of the cost). I noticed that they had really good deals on health/beauty products, like Neutrogena's $20-ish dollar wrinkle cream for only $8. Must remember that for when I'm OLD (or if I continue making strange faces as often as I do).

I read that they also have good wine deals. I'll have to go back before a night out to stock up! The produce section was pretty small, but how would you get discount produce anyways?? The Grocery Outlet website advises to stop by often because products are always changing, when you do see something you like get a lot because it might not be there the next time, and sign up for email notifications - if you are that gung-ho. (Which maybe I am?) I left Grocery Outlet with a HUGE thing of $5 detergent, lots of $1.50 lean cuisines, $2 box of Kashi, and other stuff!

From there I drove up Hwy - 1 to go pick up something I decided to buy on craigslist. I bet you are curious as to what I got!

That's right! I finally got a stand mixer, thanks to the help of my Doze-Valentine. The drive went by really fast both ways, mostly because I listened to the new Angels & Airwaves album LOVE on repeat. I was, however, perplexed by the intense fog. (Or should I say marine layer?) I plan on researching a bit more about this and posting a scientific description - bet you can't wait!

Tomorrow is Thursday aka the preseason for the WAKA Kickball league begins. My team has a late game, which I'm pretty happy about because then it won't get in the way of my after-work routine. It's too bad that our team will be missing both our captain Tyler and teammate Max. I'm anxious to see what these Monterey teams are going to bring to the, um, plate. Literally.

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