Staying away from chips

The past two weeks I avoided eating chips. Kettle, Lays, random bags at sandwich shops - you name it. Even tortilla chips, and those things are everywhere! For lent I'm going to continue to give up chips. My goal is to go three months without eating any type. If I can withstand three months without eating them, I bet I'll feel a lot better on that self-control front. Usually when a bag of chips is put in front of me, I revert to cavewoman mode and eat/snack/grab until I've had 4 times as many chips as I should have eaten. Survival instinct? Could be. I honestly consider chips to be pieces of heavenly, crunchy, salty, flavorful perfection. These past two weeks have been rough, but now I know that I can do it. And this is kind of like a pledge. It has nothing to do with Seaside, or life in Monterey County for that matter, whoops!

Okay, how about this: there were chips tonight at El Torito (Taco Tuesday, helloooo). To hold off my post-work hunger, I brought an apple with me and chewed on that until we were able to order our tacos. Just for the record, Chex Mix and crackers are still acceptable, sadly Pringles won't make the cut.

Here's to self-control!

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