Hanami Sushi and Gelato

Okay I have waited long enough to put up another "where I ate" blog post. Earlier this week I met up with my turd nugget of a boyfriend in Morgan Hill. We planned to meet somewhere in the middle of Seaside and Mountain View. Our options included Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill, and Santa Cruz. We chose (via coin flip) a sushi spot in Mo Hill called Hanami Sushi (1295 E Dunne Ave, Morgan Hill).

The place was deserted when we arrived - we were literally the only two people there! We ordered a spicy tuna, eel, rock n roll, and spider roll in addition to two miso soups. There was so much food to go around and the bill was not expensive at all. The spicy tuna and eel roll were fairly simple, but it really allowed for the tastes to shine through. I think I liked the spicy tuna roll the best, followed by the rock n roll.

The best part about the location was that it was right next door to a gelato shop (I ♥ Gelato)! Afterwards we stepped inside and ordered a small (2 flavors) and shared it. I was the one who wanted the gelato, so I got to pick the flavors. (That makes sense, doesn't it?) I chose the peanut butter and oreo. Yummmmy! Again, we were the only people there! Where do the Mo Hill-ians go for food?

Regardless, it was a very quick and easy drive. Glad we found a winning spot in between, can't wait to find more. Any suggestions?

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