R.G. Burgers

Tonight I went to R.G. Burgers (Real Good Burgers) with Tyler, Max, and my roommate Manu. Manu had been here previously with a friend in Salinas and he convinced me that they've got "f----ing good" burgers. We got there at 7 pm and immediately got a table. There are apparently two locations, one in the Carmel Crossroads shopping center and the other [one we went to] is in downtown Monterey near Trader Joe's (570 Munras Ave, Monterey).

I ordered the classic "r.g. Burger (yes it means real good)" for $7.25. It came with either potato salad, mixed greens, or fries. For those who know me well, you should all know what I chose: the potato salad. I will say it many-a-times: POTATO SALAD on HAMBURGER = HEAVEN!

Manu ordered the "Béarnaise Burger - creamy béarnaise sauce and sautéed mushrooms. It’s one of a kind!" for $9.50. Tyler got the same thing I got, but with a [$1.50 extra bison patty (mine was Turkey). Pretty sure Max ate the "Western BBQ - cheddar cheese, grilled onions and r.g. bbq sauce" for $8.50, but I can't completely remember.

Boy oh boy... those burgers were REALLY tasty, definitely hit the spot. While they pride themselves on their hand-formed, extra-lean burgers, they also sell hot dogs, soups, salads, sandwiches, and thick milkshakes of all flavors (even PB&J). See Yelp for more info....

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