I.O.U. $19 Million?!?

I just read that my humble town of Seaside has a 19 million dollar deficit and is looking for ways to get rid of it. There was a meeting that took place last Thursday where city officials said that they would be making cuts in the public safety area. That means bye-bye policemen and firemen. If the city is unable to offset its budget by July, layoffs are bound to happen. Could you imagine having to find $19 million by July? And I thought budgeting AOII's expenses for a few months was tricky! Apparently laying off the firefighters and policemen is a last resort, but I'm kind of worried, seeing as how I live behind a treasure trove of unexploded ordnance!

That's right! Lots of old explosive weapons like bombs, bullets, grenades, land mines, etc. They haven't exploded yet and could still detonate at literally any moment. There are more than 10,000 acres of this UXO stuff in my backyard and there are even unlined landfills! On Wikipedia, it says that the unlined landfills are "leaking trichloroethane and carbon tetrachloride into ground water under RESIDENTIAL areas"!!

But don't worry, I won't be morphing in to a jolly green giant/alien anytime soon. They have the water situation under control here (I hope). We use a special well or something? Or was it "special" well? OH NO! Is that a sixth toe??

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