Strawberry Prices Going Up!

When it comes to growing strawberries, California's Monterey County has the perfect combination of foggy nights and mild temperatures. However, due to all of the rain and El Nino storms, strawberry farmers have lost about 70% of their fruit! El Nino is going to keep the rain coming for about 2-3 more months (oh how swell). The strawberry growing season starts up in 5 weeks! This means you should expect to see darker strawberries at your local grocery store in the upcoming months. More expensive too... simple economics crushing my hopes of making strawberry cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

Luckily for me, I have a great friend who just got a job with a wildly popular fruit company in Watsonville! Hopefully he can find spare fruit baskets to bring to his cheap, strawberry-loving friend in Seaside!

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