Baan Thai Seaside

For lunch I joined in with a few coworkers and ordered takeout from a Thai place in Seaside. Baan Thai (1760 Fremont Blvd, Seaside) is family-owned and operated and the owners value authentic Thai cuisine and hospitality. Each entree is prepared with fresh ingredients and LOVE. Well, I could taste the love at least...

They opened shop in '97 and have been dishing out (get it?) creative Thai dishes since then with very reasonable prices. The current owners are Tom and his wife June. They look so friendly!

Lunch deals include hot and sour soup or salad with peanut dressing. I didn't have time to glance at the menu before I placed my order. All I knew was soup or salad? So I said "salad." I'm dumb. HOT & SOUR SOUP is like my favorite soup ever and I was just talking about it recently with Sarah Hunter and my craving has not been satisfied. When in London, Kerry, Megan, and I developed a system where if you crave something, just SATISFY that CRAVING. It really will help you be a more peaceful person if you simply buy that Starbucks, or that red bag of peanut butter M&Ms, or KFC's weird crunchwrap supreme look-a-like (Kerry).  Sigh. Next time.

I was told that they have red, yellow, and green curry. I ordered the red curry, asked for the highest heat level, and hoped for the best! For $6.95 I got chicken, bamboo shoots, carrots, bell pepper, coconut milk and Thai basil cooked in a red curry.

Their green curry option has your choice of meat, eggplant, carrots, bell pepper, coconut milk and Thai basil cooked in a green curry. The Panang Curry over rice has your choice of meat, stir-fried with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and pineapple. Choices of meat include chicken, beef, pork, shrimp (extra $2), or vegetarian style with tofu and assorted veggies.

Baan Thai offers 17 delicious lunch entree options. Lunch hour is M-F 11am - 3:30 pm. Dinner is M-F 5 - 9 pm and Saturday noon - 9 pm. One of their specials is Pumpkin Curry, my all-time favorite curry dish. I MUST GET IT! I loved my red curry dish as a take-out and I'm sure the pumpkin curry dish would be even better! I reheated half of it for dinner and it still was the pinnacle of Yummy Mountain. Definitely recommend Baan Thai!

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