Dogs Closer To Returning To Downtown SC

Dogs Closer To Returning To Downtown SC: "The Santa Cruz Downtown Business Association voted Tuesday to recommend a repeal a decades-old law that bans dogs in downtown."

For decades, dogs have not been allowed in downtown Santa Cruz. Yesterday the Santa Cruz Downtown Business Association voted 8 - 1 in favor of repealing the doggie ban. The business people are thinking that if they can bring the dogs, then they'll bring the dog owners as well.

But what about all the poo? No one wants to walk downtown Santa Cruz and step in some steamy mush! And SC is full of hippies. Hippies go barefoot. That equals... gross-ness. Welp - fear not dog owning Santa Cruzians, the Walkers and Woofers business plans on supplying 5,000 biodegradable doggie bags.

Next step: Santa Cruz City Council will visit the issue in a couple weeks. Keep the leashes on their hooks, folks. At least for now.....


  1. I really hope they change this stupid law! Their excuse that there will be dog poo on the streets is so weak. The majority of dog owners clean up after their dogs geez! This is why my mom refuses to ever go to downtown Santa Cruz, that and the fact that the last time she was there some kid vandalized her car...

  2. I hope they change it too! Sorry to hear that happened to her car! SC is for crazies.