Kickball Game #1

Sunday afternoon at 4:30 pm Booze on First (my team) had our first game against Balls Deep. We played at Robert Downs Elementary School in PG. The weather was frightfully cold. We managed to win our first game, don't really remember the score OR any highlights. Next time I'll take better mental notes so I can give a play-by-play recap!

I did, however, attempt to bike to the field. I poorly misjudged time and distance. Ended up in Sand City with 20 minutes til the game (soooo far, 20 mins was not enough time to go the remaining distance). I called Max and he - thank god - picked me and Lukefrancis up. We attempted to find the field, but got a little lost. We made it just in time for the bottom of the 1st, our team's first turn "at bat."

After the game I curled up with some tea and watched the Oscars while facebooking. I then fell into a deep post-Vegas sleep. More details about my weekend in Vegas to come...

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