Last Chance Mercantile

As I was driving home (Seaside) from home (San Jose) I made the impromptu decision to find the Marina Dump. As part of the Green Team at work, I go to bi-weekly meetings and help plan the Green Fair (April 15th).

At the last meeting, somebody mentioned Last Chance Mercantile (14201 Del Monte Boulevard, Marina). It is a store near the dump that sells random items for ridiculously cheap prices. Basically - the last chance to purchase these items before they end up like the brave little toaster or his blankey friend.

I remembered hearing that it was near the Dole Factory, so I turned off at Marina's Del Monte Blvd exit.

Dole's cooling, packaging, shipping facility

I got lost, so I pulled over and asked a farmer tending to his rideable lawn mower for directions. He kindly told me to turn around and make a left at the stop sign just past the Dole plant. I began to see signs for the landfill and waste management facility. Fancy terms for DUMP!

The drive into the dump was oddly beautiful. There were rolling green hills with blossoming wild flowers, towering trees with shadows that veiled the pavement, farmers in the distance piloting tractors and tilling their land. The most picturesque landfill access road I could possibly imagine. Before the gates of the slag heap, I turned right at the sign and parked in front of the Last Chance Mercantile.

LCM had sporting goods - lots of old golf clubs and balls, auto parts, clothes, books, mulch, compost, paints, bakeware, and more! I purchased measuring cups ($1), a nice glass serving platter ($1), five $1 tin trays, and one $2 tin tray that was a bit more intricate than the others. My total was a little over $9 after tax.

My dad agreed to help me turn my 6 platters into a cupcake stand. Can't wait to drill some holes through these babies! My cupcake stand will be one of a kind and look super duper snazzy! Snap!

LCM is a great place for DIY fanatics, bargain hunters, remodelers, or the unemployed. The resale shop has extremely affordable prices and, with a little imagination, you can turn trash to treasure. It would be fun to get together with friends, each contribute $2, and spend the remainder of your day building something crazy on a $10 budget. Yes? No? Any takers?

Operating hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 4:30 pm
Sunday: Closed

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