Fashion Show at The Fairmont

On Friday night I drove to the Fairmont (170 South Market Street) in downtown San Jose and watched my sister in the annual Presentation High School Fashion Show. The theme this year was One Common Thread (I think). I really enjoyed watching the show and I thought all of the designers were great picks. My sister lucked out and got the two most amazing outfits in the entire show. The one above is from a designer who is actually a pres alumni. None of the clothes are for sale yet because the designer, Megan Sasaki, is still doing the patterns and what not. Her entire segment was fierce though! Loved the patterns.

Before the show there was an alumni cocktail hour. It was really nice to have the opportunity to catch up with some '05 graduates. It's strange that we have all been through so much these past four and a half years, our paths have grown further and further apart, and yet we effortlessly fell into laid back girl chit chat. One common thread is right...

The finale of the show is a daughter/sponsor walk. My mom escorted Nicole down the aisle and I'm not going to lie, I teared up. The fashion show's finale is sort of a symbolic rite of passage into the graduation phase of senior year. It marks the beginning of the end for Nicole. The beginning of easter break, AP tests, finals, the last dance recital, senior dinner, awards day, and then, before you know it: your last A day and B day. The last time you [are required to] wear your Pres skirt. (After all, there's always Halloween and other occasional reasons to pull out the good ol' plaid :)

After the show it was my turn to congratulate my sister on a terrific job in the show. She looked beautiful on stage. It wasn't just the hair, clothes, makeup, etc though. She has more. She has brains and confidence and I couldn't be more proud of her....

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