Oh leaf, where is your home?

Do you want to know where your bag of Fresh Express salad came from? Well with the UBC code on the bag & the leaf locator number that was just added to the packaging, you'll be able to go online and find out. The website gives a story of the origin of your salad bag. Locations include: Salinas Valley, Huron Valley, Imperial Valley, Imlay City (Michigan), San Luis Valley (Colorado), Belle Glade (Florida), Yuma (Arizona), and El Bajio (Mexico).

Fresh Express - FYI - is based in Salinas and the company hopes that this salad-bag-story feature will entice foodies and the like to amp up their bag purchasing from 10 a year to about 35. That's a lofty goal! Thinking of doing this with your Fresh Express cole slaw or organic salads? You won't be able to - yet.

More info: read this article from The Californian.

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