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I love my job, the town(s) I live in (near), my coworkers, my old and new roommates, my bedroom, my closet, the neighbor's giant dog, the views from floor 7, the memories of last weekend and the thoughts for next, po5, star shapes, jan hagel and dozeroni, friends of the best kind, the coffee pot with m&m's inside, raisin bran cereal with vanilla soy milk, hot tamales, eggo waffles, March holidays, March birthdays, sunny days, overcast days, seaweed and sand around my building, seeing snakes at work, being happy, whistling (or at least trying)....

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Here comes, a visible horizon.
Right where it starts and ends.
Oh, and then we start the end.
Here comes, a visible illusion.
Oh, where it starts and ends.
You're like a sunset.
- Love Like A Sunset, Phoenix

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